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Rename table

I want to rename a table and add a few columns. How can I put this into Toad Data Modeler and create the correct alter script?

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  1. You can change table name, add columns, then put RENAME TABLE statement as 'before script'.

    There is no best way to automate this part. Of course TDM may track name changes. but often it will generate unneeded changes - especially at beginning of development, while names are changing often

    2 years ago
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  2. Moderator

    Hi, we know this area deserves to be improved. As a workaround you might find useful the following approach: http://blogs.inside.quest.com/modeling/2011/03/02/did-you-rename-a-column/

    It requires some scripting, but you might save some time.

    2 years ago
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